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Benchmark Morningstar Category

Asset Allocation



  Type %
As of date not available
Cash 0.00 0.26
Stock 100.00 99.67
Bond 0.00 0.02
Other 0.00 0.06

Style Details



Avg Market Cap USD
Benchmark Market Cap USD
55,334 Mil
Category Avg Market Cap USD
4,010 Mil
Market Capitalization
Size % of Portfolio Benchmark Category Avg
Giant 44.81 11.81
Large 35.87 4.55
Medium 15.19 43.75
Small 4.00 32.59
Micro 0.13 7.30
Value & Growth Measures
Stock Portfolio Benchmark Category Avg
As of date not available
*Forward-looking based on historical data
Style and Market Cap Breakdown and Value and Growth Measures are calculated only using the long position holdings of the portfolio.
Price/Prospective Earnings* 13.45 8.73
Price/Book* 1.44 0.90
Price/Sales* 2.39 2.12
Price/Cash Flow* 9.47 3.77
Dividend Yield %* 1.92 4.15
Long-Term Earnings % 10.94 12.46
Historical Earnings % 12.43 6.14
Sales Growth % 5.33 -26.69
Cash-Flow Growth % 7.02 -27.86
Book-Value Growth % 5.33 -19.78
Ownership Zone
Weighted Average of holdings

75% of fund's stock holdings
Holdings Style
Portfolio Weight%
> 50% 25–50% 10–25% 0–10%
Investment Style History
Year Style % Equity
*As of date not available
Style Box Detail calculations do not include the fund's short positions (if any).

Sector Weightings



% Stocks Benchmark Category Avg   Fund Weight Benchmark Weight Category Avg Weight
Basic Materials 0.00 0.00
Consumer Cyclical 0.00 0.11
Financial Services 99.61 92.47
Real Estate 0.20 6.85
Communication Services 0.00 0.02
Energy 0.00 0.00
Industrials 0.00 0.35
Technology 0.00 0.06
Consumer Defensive 0.19 0.02
Healthcare 0.00 0.00
Utilities 0.00 0.12
As of date not available
Sector data is calculated only using the long position holdings of the portfolio.
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World Regions



% Stocks Benchmark Category Avg
As of date not available
Region breakdown data is calculated by using the long position holdings of the portfolio equity part only.
Americas 98.31 26.74
North America 98.27 24.36
Latin America 0.04 2.39
Greater Europe 1.69 57.52
United Kingdom 0.00 0.39
Europe Developed 1.69 12.13
Europe Emerging 0.00 7.61
Africa/Middle East 0.00 37.40
Greater Asia 0.00 15.74
Japan 0.00 0.02
Australasia 0.00 0.01
Asia Developed 0.00 0.03
Asia Emerging 0.00 15.67
Market Classification
% Developed Markets 100.00 43.10
% Emerging Markets 0.00 56.90
Greater Asia Americas Greater Europe

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